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Did You Know?
Lead poisoning in children can reduce IQ, cause learning disabilities and impair hearing. Lead can damage a child's kidneys and central nervous system, and cause anemia, convulsions and even death.

According to the US Dept of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), nearly one million U.S. kids under age six have blood lead levels high enough to impair their ability to think, concentrate and learn.

Concerned? Contact your local public health agency or a certified lead inspector or risk assessor in your area.

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How Much Lead Does It Take?
Only 10 micrograms per deciliter of blood will poison a child.
For the "metrically challenged," here's an easy way to visualize it.
     - A deciliter of liquid is about 1/2 of a cup.
     - A packet of common sweetener (pink or blue) is 1 gram.
     - There are one million micrograms in a gram.
     - Divide one sweetner packet into a million piles. (Pretend!)
     - Now, discard all but 10 "piles," that's 10 micrograms.
     - Mix the 10 "piles" into a 1/2 cup of liquid.
That is roughly how much lead in each deciliter of blood it takes to poison a child.  Obviously, body size and age play a role. But, as you can see ...

... it doesn't take much!
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