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Lead & Mold Inspections, Risk Assessments and Clearance Testing. We also write Abatement and O & M Plans and perform Project Monitoring. We provide these services in Southern California and adjoining states.

We offer the following technical training: CA DHS accredited certifcation training for Lead Workers, Supervisors, Project Monitors, Inspectors and Risk Assessors. HUD Lead Based Paint Maintenance Training, OSHA Lead in Construction classes and public Lead Awareness seminars.  As well as Mold Awareness training. For more about training go to: HomeSafetraining.com

Our staff is certified by the state of California.


LCH Approved Vendor AFFILIATIONS: National Lead and Environmental Hazards Assn; Environmental Information Assn.; Indoor Air Quality Association; American Indoor Air Quality Council; California DHS Task Force: "Shaping the State's Lead Hazard Reduction Regulations"; Statewide Task Force, Lead Safe California; Professional Environmental Marketing Association; Inland Empire Lead Awareness Coalition; Health Advisory Council, Los Angeles County Lead Program; Environmental Safeguards Committee, League of California Homeowners 
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How to Find a Lead Inspector

Always Hire a Professional
All testing should be done by EPA-Certified and State-Licensed Risk Assessors or Lead Inspectors. In California (and other states like Maryland, New Jersey and Texas) ask to see their state ID card. 

Where to Find a Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor:

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